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Our Vision

ACE is committed to the success and well-being of every student and child. We must give our learners the tools they need to reach their full potential.

English classes are offered at 5 levels:

  • Low Beginners
  • High Beginners
  • Low Intermediate
  • High Intermediate
  • Advanced.

Early Childhood English

Early Childhood (3-6 y.o.) are a bit different from Young Learners (7-16 y.o.), for a start they are pre-literate, and all the work is done without reading and writing. Also they are new to classrooms in general so as well as teaching them English, we also have to teach them how to be students.

This may sound a little odd, but socialization is important. Although we don't introduce writing itself, we have to start the process, so even the smallest things like holding a pen (or pencil or crayon) and drawing (or scribbling) on a piece of paper are important first steps. Also how to use scissors. Recognizing numbers, listening (in the most general sense, i.e. paying attention),sitting nicely, taking turns.

As far as English is concerned, learning of words is something that kids, and especially very young kids can do very easily, our aim is to advance this into simple sentences and then into conversations, with the teacher and ultimately with each other. The list of 'subjects' is quite different from Young Learners and older.


Very Young Learners ACE offers a special Playgroups program

Playgroups is a semi-Emerson kindergarten-style school for children aged 3-6. The classes use the Play-way to English series and groups are up to 10 in size. The classes run for two hours and as well as an English speaker, a Indonesian speaking assistant is on hand for clarification and explanation if necessary.

Classes are age and level based and a variety of times and levels are available.

The language and lessons are based around the interests and world knowledge of the children. The courses are preliterate and encourage speaking and listening in a friendly and fun environment. As well as learning language the children get important lessons in socialization and practice in fine motor skills that are designed, in part, to lead to writing later in their learning lives.

Playgroups program provides learning and developmental activities tailored to help children gain creative thinking, observation and problem-solving skills, which also provide the essential foundation for later growth and learning. The daily program at Playgroups includes music, science, math, creative arts and exercises for physical development. Because play is a child's natural way of learning, our teachers encourage children to have fun while they are learning.

Kindergarten teachers can also have some General English classes or other children's classes twice a week in the evenings. Therefore we can offer several contract options for teachers working at Playgroups: working full time at Kindergarten, working part-time at kindergarten + language school.

Teachers with a love for children would find our Playgroups kindergarten a rewarding place to work. The kindergarten caters for children from the age of 3 upwards. Each teacher has one class that they are with from early morning until afternoon. Teachers work alongside a Indonesian teacher using English as the only language spoken in the classroom. The course has been designed by a specialist from the USA and is project- based.